Friday, February 22, 2013

Build Journal (Jordan) 2/22/13

Today I we had a very productive meeting. We Started off on a lead of where to get some materials going to the JEC E-Waste bins where we salvaged some scrap metal that would be useful for the base plate that we needed badly to start work on the chassis. Another really big accomplishment today is that we also got a working H-bridge courtesy of David! look out for his post. Also I will add that we worked out some details on the building of the tanks to how said liquids. at first we though about PVC, but we found that was unnecessarily expensive for this project. The next idea was trying to use sheet aluminum which is cheaper and would make the creation of the drink storage more useful. This plan seemed pretty good but then we'd have to use a lot of gas to weld said tanks and that would be kinda expensive too. Kyle suggested decided that maybe we should go simpler and maybe use the containers that the bottles already come in, which I feel is more in the vein of open hardware because it's easily accessible.  Another plus is that it's light, free, and they are already rated for the amount the pressure that we're going to be working with (it's not like we're trying to make a bottle rocket). The feasibility should be confirmed by next week and then we'll be good to go! We should start construction on the chassis by next week if all goes well. All we need is a shop...

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