Friday, February 1, 2013

Meeting Notes 2/1/13

Meeting Notes 2/1/13

  • RCOS
    • Set up Blogger Account
      • Every one should blog their own task and assignments
    • Set up Code Repository 

      • This is where we will put all code

    • Set up RCOS project
    • To-do:
      • Look up Open Hardware Specs (Jordan)
      • Post Any and All Current Code to Repo (Everyone)
      • Make Sure Everyone Updates (Everyone
  • Funding/Budget
    • What We Need to Buy next
      • undecided
    • What We Need to Buy in General
      • Post Excel budgets on the dropbox/google drive
    • To-do:
      • Decided What We Need to Buy next (Everyone)
      • Looking to Mercer Lab as a source of funding (David)
  • Chassis/Structure (Kyle, Jordan)
    • Box v.s. Cylinder
      • Box is easier to construct and will work with existing structure
      • Find local sheet metal supplier
    • Noisy Motors
      • Find a dampening system
    • CAD
      • Decided to use solidworks and work on the base by next meeting
    • To-do:
      • CAD base (Jordan, Kyle)
      • Find local supplier (Anyone/Jordan)
  • Drink System
    • Looked at Budget
      • Pretty Expensive w/ PVC
      • Look at Stainless Steel and Aluminum to weld together for containers (e.g. gas tanks)
    • To-do:
      • Budget in Stainless Steel and Aluminum (Dan)
  • UI
    • Use a Combination of LED's and Push buttons or LED push buttons for interface
    • Use More Sensors
    • Use Speech to alert pedestrians and advertise itself
    • To-do:

      • Look in to LED designs (Bharath)
      • Line Following algorithms (Bharath)

Meeting Note Taking
Meeting Note Taking

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