Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catastrophe/Moving Forward (Progress Update)

So far we have got at robot that can mechanically function and has been wired to work with a micro controller. Unfortunately there was an accident and one of our main links (I/O I/O board) between the tablet and the robot itself was compromised. We still think we can make it work. Our plan is to have Alfred more or less stationary, but turn and track people. As Alfred turns towards them as they come closer, the robot will stop moving much and let the user approach (specifically not moving for safety concerns). After they approach Alfred they can order a drink and interface with Alfred (e.g. Alfred can speak to people). Thank you for understanding. 

The picture below is our bot 2 days before the Student Acceptance day or D-Day as has been renamed by Bharath (Left). I think the robot has made significant progress with a nearly functioning mechanical side and drink system that is only limited by a part we should receive soon. We will be work all night and all day tomorrow to get the rest of the systems implemented. Bharath is also holding the back panel which has the newly minted Open Source/Open Hardware symbol which he came up with. Kyle in the middle of the bot also spent all week with me (Jordan Yamada) finishing up the mechanical side which came together in whirlwind of effort. David (Right), has made and implemented his H-bridge which is working and going to get the robot moving. Also he finished the wiring to the solenoids which will allow us to electronically control the dispensing of drinks.

Now that the what's done is taken care of this is what we have to do now. Due to the accident we will use bluetooth from arduino to the tablet. We also have to implement a lot of sensors to effectively control and manage Alfred during dispensing mode.

Hopefully we will be finished just in time for Student Acceptance day, and add a little fun to ordering up some beverages.

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