Monday, April 29, 2013

The Road To Recovery

After sleepless nights of trying to get any kind of motor abilities from Alfred with the resources we had lying around, we've decided that spending the money on quality products might be a worth-while option. Although we are all too busy to continue on Alfred this semester, it will soon be decided if we will be order motor controllers, a new IOIO board, and/or make a custom PCB board for the solenoids. We currently have working face tracking and User Interface with the Samsung Galaxy tab, communicating with the Arduino Uno over bluetooth, and functionality with the drink dispensing system. So basically, it's a friendly vending machine. This last meeting we discussed plans for the summer and cleaned up a little. We are shooting for finishing early in the fall semester once we figure if we will be spending on the components previously mentioned. the final product is definitely on its way and surely won't fail to excite.

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