Thursday, August 1, 2013

So here is the new and improved H Bridge. It's been tested and works perfectly (First try!):

I also decided to color-code the wires this time since it actually works. One thing that I had to do though was take apart the motors and kind of smack the axle with a hammer on either side and re-grease them with white lithium grease. This is because the way we have the motors mounted on the base plate applies a torque on the shaft and forces the bearings to freeze up. Before I mount anything back on I need to design a new drive train to reduce the torque on the motor shafts. So yes, that does mean the driving of Alfred will be delayed again but this should be a much simpler issue to fix.

As of now, I am also working on getting Alfred to line follow. Since I have no knowledge of vision processing I am going to try to get it working by using four cadmium sulphide photocells on the bottom of Alfred just to get a stable version done as soon as possible. Then I can work on the more advanced stuff. This shouldn't be too hard to do considering there is a ton of documentation and code on how to do this available for the same project in RPI's IED course.

Oh, and duh, I will also need to whip up another one of these H Bridges for the other motor so I will also be occupied with that (these are very tedious). Hopefully I can get a good portion of these things done for my presentation Tuesday.

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